Tuesday, 24 April 2012

RG 1/144 Justice Gundam!!!

  Wah RG Justice coming out!!! Although I am not a fan of 1/144 kits, but damn! Bandai sure is forcing me to spend $$!!!! Planning to get it to pose with my RG Freedom... Hehhs. Can't wait for it to be released!!! Anw more info can be found here: http://gundamguy.blogspot.com/2012/04/rg-1144-justice-gundam-other-upcoming.html! :D

Monday, 23 April 2012

MG Exia Update 3

It's been a long time since i last updated, new semester just started so I'm now busy wif camps n school n stuff. So before this update, I have already primed and preshaded the parts. The pics shown later are the pics after preshading.

(P.S. Sorry for bad pic quality, all taken with phone! :P) 

Parts all shaded and painted!

Shaded blue tone (not very obvious)

The shaded red is very obvious as I tried using some leftover craft acrylic paint for this and it ended up a total failure...
1. The paint was too thin, I used 5 coats to get this shade...
2. The paint clogged up like nobody's business, 1st time I used it, I didn't know there was undissolved paint stuck right at the nozzle so when i pressed the trigger, guess what happened. Yes... the entire cap literally flew off the airbrush and my hands and all were all covered with paint...

The shaded white areas are personally, my favourite!

Parts all separated and prepared for panel washing! :D

Fully Assembled

 So these are the pics for the fully assembled model all coated with future in preparation for decaling, will take more photos and more poses after I have completed it. So basically, what's left is decaling and finally, a nice matte topcoat! Lesson learnt form this build, 1.NEVER use craft paint! 2. Shading is FUN!!! So stay tuned for the final post on this model after I have completed it! :D

Saturday, 14 April 2012

MG Exia Update 2

Not much of an update, just basic de-nubbing and clipping it up to prepare for some priming. 

Don't expect this to be a very fast build as school starts next week so I have to prepare for camp and stuff... 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

SD Sinanju Completed! ^^

Finally done with this little beast, after the lack of updates for so many days, I finally stopped procrastinating (since I'm already WAYYYY over the deadline) and managed to complete it and gave it to my cousin as a belated birthday gift! Sorry for not taking photos of the latest WIP but here are the pics of the completed model! :D

 Zoomed in on the gun... (sorry for the crappy paint job on the green lens...)

 Detail shot of the gun...

 Shield is actually poorly painted but it looks fine in the pic though.

 The backpack of the Sinanju.

Overall, a VERY fun build but i have to admit that masking and seam lines were literally giving me hell. This is also the build which gave me the most satisfaction after completing it. Now I shall give my full attention to the MG Exia....

Friday, 6 April 2012

SD Sinanju Update 6

Completed the Legs, thrusters, and waist. Left with the wings and weapons, never gonna finish it by tmr since I have to go to work in 10 min and having morning shift tmr... :(

Updating soon!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

SD Sinanju Update 5

 Update for tonight, completed the arms and shoulders, primed the thrusters, waist and legs, will start painting those tmr! :) If I keep working at this rate, I think I can complete it before my cousin's birthday on Saturday! :D

Added a little bit of red on the back of the palms. 

 Sorry for this blurry pic... :P

Overall progress...

Will update tmr! :)

Tuesday, 3 April 2012

SD Sinanju Update 4

  Small update, finished the chest and added the thrusters.  Also started on the arms and finished spraying the pearl colour on it. Fixed the seams on rest of the parts that needs fixing using the superglue + powder method and will sand them tmr! :D

 Added the thrusters and 'cut' off the back of one of it using scissors in order to glue it on... :P

Some Detailing
Detailed using silver paint and gold marker. 

Painted using gold marker

Found the backpack a little plain so I painted some gold and silver on it as well... 

Painted with the pearl colour.

 Unpainted parts...
One of the parts that needs some seamline fixing..

Will update tmr! :D

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