Thursday, 29 March 2012

MG Exia WIP Update 1

Haven't finished my SD Sinanju and here I am, starting on the MG Exia already. For this build, I'll be following the original Box Art colours as I already have an Exia with an alternate colour scheme which could be viewed here. Gonna try out shading for this kit and it will also be my 1st attempt on it, hopefully it will turn out well. 

For this update, I spray-painted the inner frame of the Exia with some Grey Nippon Pylox paint and top coated them with Krylon Matte to avoid scratches and such, did not prime the parts as 1, I'm just too lazy, 2, scared that the joints will be stiff as hell. And as usual, frosting occured on a few parts as it is the rainy season now in Singapore so I had to sand it down and re-coat it, nothing major... So, till the next update!! :D

Monday, 26 March 2012

SD Sinanju Update 1 (OOB)

Gonna do an alternate colour scheme for this particular model, which is intended as a birthday present for my little cousin, which falls on 12th April! Gonna finish this up before then!! He saw my Sinanju Head Display and fell in love with the pearl colour so he requested that I did his in the same colour... 


This is just some OOB pics, built it up and fixed the nubs in about 2hrs, so hopefully can find time for my next update! :D

1/48 Sinanju Head Display Base Completed!!

So, I have finally finished the 1/48 Sinanju Head Bust, guess the moonstone pearl came out better than expected. Used golden marker for the emblems and some detailing of the chest area! Here are the pics! XD

 The little 'mod' I made.

Made a mess at the end as the future topcoat which  ruined the panel lines and so I had to clean it up and topcoat at a lower psi, thank goodness that went well. 

Friday, 23 March 2012

Sinanju Head Display Update 3

Another quick update. This I did this morning just airbrushed some flat black on the parts and I don't think I'll have the time to paint the gold emblems today as I have to go to work later on. 

 First time trying to mod something and glad it turned out fine. This was previously an empty hole to put the display stand with. Since I did not need it and the hole looked pretty darn ugly, I used some parts of the stand and Mr. Cement S to cover it up! :P

If all goes well, hopefully I'll be able to complete it by tomorrow! :D 

Thursday, 22 March 2012

Sinanju Head Display Update 2

Finally had some progress on my Sinanju Head display! Busy with work and other models so now I'm free so I tried airbrushing for this but ran into loads of problems such as paint coming out grainy, too diluted, etc...  But anw, here are some of the pics!! :D
Sanded down, stripped of paint and ready for another burst of primer! 

 Paint being too diluted...

Painted parts

Parts that still need painting...

Can see the pearl-ish tint? 

Finally done with the head!!
Masked and ready for painting tmr!!

 The head was superbly troublesome, and faced a hell lot of problems! >:(  I had prime it, strip the primer, prime it again, strip the primer and the process repeated for like 3 times before everything was okay. Then with the primer done, the base coat of white also met with problems like dust etc so i had to sand it, spray it again  like twice before I finally can spray my moonstone pearl. Luckily that went smoothly... So for tmr, hopefully I can spray the emblems black and go over them with gold marker. Then maybe detail the chest further on another day. Hope I can update tmr! :D

Tuesday, 20 March 2012


Decaling alone took me almost 3 days... while building took about 6, so all in all, this model took me about 9 days to complete. It has been topcoated with flat so here are the pics! :)


 Freedom's trademark pose

 Darth Maul style...

 Look at that loooooong beam saber... o.O

Loved building this little critter because of all those amazing details and superb engineering of the inner frame. My only complains are that it kinda loses balance and tends to lean backwards because of the huge backpack. However this could be easily overlooked with a display stand and also, some pieces of the wing are pretty loose, so it is pretty annoying when I am posing and it keeps drooping down. But overall, I LOVE IT!! Now I will get back to my Sinanju Head display before I forget all about it....
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